South Park

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South Park

Recently I passed by a new housing development called South Park. I’m guessing that the developers aren’t aware of the long running television animation series South Park. They probably don’t know that naming their development South Park runs counter to the image of a bucolic, but sophisticated and urban town that they probably were striving for, the same type of place that the television series has been mocking and disparaging for 26 years now.

As a child, I was similar in some ways to the South Park character Kyle. I was serious, conscientious, and well behaved for the most part. But suddenly when I reached my teenage years I started to act more like the atrocity that is Cartman. For about 2 years I became defiant and unnecessarily antagonistic. Recent research has shown that the brain of a teenager is at the stage of development that is unbalanced and unfinished, and this condition tends to cause them to act like, well, teenagers: irresponsible, careless, audacious, and selfish. In the past teenage behavior was chalked up to hormones, but it’s not really hormones, it’s the various areas of the brain that are fighting with each other that cause confusion and confusing behavior for the child.

I always cringe when I think back to my teen years, but now I can take some comfort in the fact that science says my behavior was inevitable. Well, maybe…

February 26, 2023





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