Go Hibernation! GO 冬眠!

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Go Hibernation! GO 冬眠!

Imagine if humans were able to hibernate. Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by animals that are able to sleep for several months without the need for food, heat or other creature comforts. Recent research has shown that it might be possible to use ultrasound to induce a hibernation-like state in animals. Targeting the brains of laboratory mice with ultrasound waves, researchers were able to reduce the body temperature and slow down the movements of the animals.

Hibernation would be a great way for humans to reduce their ecological footprint, especially right now as the government has requested that citizens try to reduce their electrical use during the coming summer months. This would be like an extended version of the Spanish custom of taking a siesta during the hottest part of summer days. Companies could incorporate “hibernation time” into their employees’ schedules to reduce electricity costs. The government could issue “Go Hibernation!” discount coupons. I imagine there are many parents out there who would love to “hibernate” their children during summer vacation. Sorry, I think maybe my fanciful thoughts have crossed the line into scary science fiction…

Personally, I wouldn’t mind hibernating during the upcoming American presidential election. I’m already starting to feel the stress. If I could hibernate starting around July next year and wake up around December, I would be a much healthier, calmer person.

Jun 16, 2023


企業は、電気代を削減するために従業員のスケジュールに「冬眠時間」を組み込み、政府は「GO 冬眠!」 (※ 英語的にヘンですが「to」を入れると、もっとヘン!) という割引クーポンキャンペーンを企画すればいいかもしれません(何の割引だ?)。夏休みには子どもたちと一緒に「冬眠」したいと考える親も少なくないかも……。

僕の空想が、なんだか寒いSF になってしまっているのであれば、クールビズに貢献できている、といえるかな。


2023年 6月 16日