Cow Saviour 牛の救世主

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Cow Saviour 牛の救世主

Will a hot dog eating contest winner make the world safer for cows? Recently, the 16-time champion of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York, Joey Chestnut, cut his ties with the company that runs the contest and decided to endorse Impossible Foods, a company that makes vegan hot dogs.

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of vegan meat since the introduction of several new products starting in 2018. The global market for vegan meat has been expanding and is expected to continue its growth. Vegan meat is not very popular in Japan and is not visible in most supermarkets. Burger King introduced a vegan burger in Japan for a limited time of several months in 2021, but the product has not returned. I assume it wasn’t very popular. I haven’t tasted any of the recently introduced vegan meat products, so I can’t comment on their flavor, but they are said to be more sustainable than beef and other meats.

Personally, I enjoy eating beef. I have a feeling that it will be hard to recreate the taste of a beef steak with vegan ingredients, but if any of these new vegan meat products are able to recreate the taste of a good hamburger or hot dog, I might consider making them part of my diet for the good of the planet, and our bovine friends.

June 18, 2024



個人的には、牛肉を食べるのが好きです! ステーキの味をヴィーガン食材で再現するのは難しい気がしますが、「ヴィーガン・ミート」が、おいしいハンバーガーやホットドッグの味を再現できるようになれば、地球や牛のためにも、それを食生活に取り入れることを検討するかもしれません。